Syllabus/achievement requirements

Reading list

The course mainly draws on journal articles and excerpts from journal articles found in the book by Meier and Rauch. For those who find reading journal articles difficult, it is advisable to start by reading the appropriate section in Ray’s book. Notice however that the course goes beyond Ray.


Meier, G. M. & Raunch J. E., 2005, Leading Issues in Economic Development, Oxford University Press Inc. 8th edition.

Bardhan, P. & Udry, C. , 1999, Development Microeconomics. Oxford University Press Inc.

Ray, D., 1998, Development Economics, Princeton University Press. (Additional reading)


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Townsend, Robert (1994), Risk and Insurance in Village India. Econometrica 62(3), 539–591


World Bank (recent)

United Nations Development Program (recent) Human Development Report.

The core of the syllabus is defined by the topics covered and the questions raised at the lectures. Detailed reading instructions will is given as part of the lecture plan.

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