Updates as to the first …

Updates as to the first three of Sunday's four points ((1) term paper, (2) schedule, (3) problems) -- as for (4), I haven't produced anything yet, but I suppose there will be need for a more thorough note on what is more important and what is less in this course.

(1) The term paper

  • A clarification on Problem 2 is up.
  • I've had no other feedback to the problem set nor to the suggestion of a seminar on the 16th.

(2) The schedule

  • Remember that Friday's lecture is 12:15 at the Frisch room.
  • Today's seminar called off, as only one of you showed up. However, I still uphold the suggestions in the March 29 message.

(3) Problems and solutions

  • New version of the solutions now posted -- with even more errors having to be correced
  • The EVT problems updated with solutions -- and only one typo corrected
  • Problems from last Friday's material yet to be written, sorry. However, I suppose it is not too urgent; there are no problems on continuous-time stochastic optimization in the term paper problem set, and Friday's exposition on the Black--Scholes formula (cf. also TK pp. 520--521) should enable you to do the last part.

Published Apr. 1, 2009 8:56 PM - Last modified June 3, 2009 11:39 AM