Articles on which the take-home exam will be based

Drèze (2016a), Existence and multiplicity of temporary equilibria under nominal price rigidities. Economic Theory 62, 279–298.

Drèze (2016b), When Borch's Theorem does not apply: some key implications of market incompleteness, with policy relevance today. The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 118, 755–784.

Mailath and Postlewaite (1990), Asymmetric information bargaining problems with many agents. Review of Economic Studies 57, 351–367.

Piccione and Rubinstein (1997a), On the interpretation of decision problems with imperfect recall. Games and Economic Behavior 20, 3–24.

Piccione and Rubinstein (1997b), The absent-minded drivers paradox: Synthesis and responses. Games and Economic Behavior 20, 121–130.

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