ECON9050 – PhD Workshop - Mid-term evaluation

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Each year the Department of Economics arranges a workshop for PhD candidates and their supervisors, where candidates in the 3rd semester of the program will present their own work.  This works as a mid-term evaluation in occordance with the PhD Regulations §4 on Quality Assurance.

The purpose of the workshop is to encourage the candidates to an early start on their dissertation, and to ensure that candidates receive training in presenting the material to a wider audience.  It is compulsory for the candidates on thrid semester and their surpervisors, but also other PhD candidates and other members of the staff are encouraged to attend.  In addition, 2-4 external opponents are ivited to comment on the presentations.

In 2019 the PhD workshop will be arranged Tuesday 29th October..

For further details, please see this website.

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Every autumn

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