PSY9103 – Specialization in qualitative methods

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The course is an extention of PSY9101 – qualtitative methods.

This course offers students an approach to qualitative research that encourages critical thinking about methodological issues in general. The course will focus on both the epistemological and the practical aspects of working with the participants own qualitative data. The participans must deliver a paper focusing on the use of qualitative methods on own data.

Learning outcome

How to articulate reasons for choosing a particular qualitative methodological approach

  • working with qualitative data
  • writing up qualitative psychological research for publication


Must be admitted to PSY9101


Formal prerequisite knowledge

PSY9101 or old PSY9100 - the obligatory common part

Overlapping courses

2 ECTS (SP) against PSY9100


Lectures and seminars. You will find the timetable on the semester web-site for this course.

Access to teaching

A student who has completed compulsory instruction and coursework and has had these approved, is not entitled to repeat that instruction and coursework. A student who has been admitted to a course, but who has not completed compulsory instruction and coursework or had these approved, is entitled to repeat that instruction and coursework, depending on available capacity.


2 ECTS (SP) .
The course will be marked pass/fail.

Compulsory activities must have been approved by the department before you can take the exam: Attendance, min 75%.

Home exam/Essay:
Written assignment will be given as a home exam. Deadline for submission will be given in the seminars. The paper should consist of 10-15 pages (excluding references, tables, and figures, in APA-format), should be typed with a margin of 2.5 cm, line spacing of 1.5 and a Times New Roman 12-point font.

Examination support material

No examination support material is allowed.

Language of examination

English or Norwegian

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

Explanations and appeals

It is recommended to request an explanation of your grade before you decide to appeal.



The deadline to request an explanation is one week after the grade is published. For oral and practical examinations, the deadline is immediately after you have received your grade.

The explanation should normally be given within two weeks after you have asked for it. The examiner decides whether the explanation is to be given in writing or verbally.


If you need confirmation on passing this course, you must do this through studentweb and use the description on this web page for information. We do not give out course confirmations in other ways.

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Every spring

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