PSY9204 – Forskningsseminar; Work and Organizational Psychology

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Course content

A current research seminar arranged by a research group at Department of Psychology. The group meets on regular basis and has a programme decided for each term. Active participation with presentation is required. New participants are welcome to attend.

Every PhD-candidate attending the program at the department of Psychology have to attend at least one of the seminars on offer (PSY9201-PSY9209)- mandatory.

Learning outcome

See above.


New participants are admitted each semester.


Through "studentweb" - first semester to enroll is PSY9204A. Send also an email to seminarleader and consultant.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

Enrollment in the PhD-programme.


There is a requirement of at least 80% attendance in the seminar each semester. Please consult the semester page for timetable.



Requirements: You are awarded 5 ECTS after attending the seminar for three consecutive terms. In studentweb you will see 4 different codes connected to the course::

920X - A: participation 1. semester
920X - B: participation 2. semester
920X - C: participation 3. semester
920X - P: presentation/paper

All elements must be approved by the seminar leader in order to achieve 5 ECTS.

Regarding "midt-term evaluation" - in Norwegian: For instituttets praktisering av midtveisevaluering, se lenke her: Midtveisevaluering

For Fakultetets retningslinjer, se lenke her: Retningslinjer


Language of examination

The langauage used in the seminar is English.

Grading scale

Approved participation.

Explanations and appeals

It is recommended to request an explanation of your grade before you decide to appeal.



The deadline to request an explanation is one week after the grade is published. For oral and practical examinations, the deadline is immediately after you have received your grade.

The explanation should normally be given within two weeks after you have asked for it. The examiner decides whether the explanation is to be given in writing or verbally.

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Spring and autumn


Participation in the seminar over three semesters equals 5 ECTS.

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