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PSY9222 – Psychotherapy research: Case studies

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Course content

The course will include lectures, practical exercises in methods of data analysis, and discussion of  selected topics.

Learning outcome

The following topics are subject to be expected:
• Case study designs
• Ethical issues in case-based inquiry
• Methods of data analysis
• Philosophical issues
• Validity criteria
• Meta-synthesis of findings from multiple cases


This is an elective course in the PhD-programme in psychology.
The course is also open to post-docs and staff at the Dept. of Psychology, UiO, who are engaged in case study methodology.

Candidates from PhD-programmes at other institutions are welcome to apply to the course.

The examination in this course is not available for external candidates. Only students admitted to the course may sit for the examination.

If you can not use studentweb, please contact the department for admission.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

Enrollment in a PhD-programme.

Recommended previous knowledge

Participants need to be competent in basic procedures for analysing statistical and qualitative data.


Please consult the semester page for time schedule.


The course will be marked pass/fail.

Home exam/Essay:
Written assignment will be given as a home exam. Deadline for submission will be given in the seminar. The paper should consist of maksimum of 5 pages (excluding references, tables, and figures, in APA-format), should be typed with a margin of 2.5 cm, line spacing of 1.5 and a Times New Roman 12-point font. Topic is to be approved by the seminar leader before submission (expected to use the course topics relevant to your own research).

ePhorus is a text recognition program that may be used on texts turned in as home exams at the Institute of Psychology.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

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