Syllabus/achievement requirements autumn 2014

Sosant 2525 Overheating: The anthropology of accelerated change

The syllabus is comprised of articles in Readers, online articles and two films.

Compendia can be purchased at the “Kopiutsalget” on the lower floor of Akademika bookstore. Valid student ID must be presented on purchasing compendia. If “Kopiutsalget” has sold out of a compendium please contact the department as early as possible in the semester in order that more may be obtained.

Many of the online articles require that you use a computer within the university network. If outside the university network open your web browser and go to

Curriculum Articles in Readers/Compendia

Aguiar, José Carlos G. (2012) ‘They come from China’: Pirate CDs in Mexico in transnational perspective. In Gordon Mathews, Gustavo Lins Ribeiro and Carlos Alba Vega, eds.: Globalization From Below: The World's Other Economy, pp. 36-53. London: Routledge.

Appadurai, Arjun (2013) "Deep democracy: Urban governmentality and the horizon of politics", in Appadurai: The Future as Cultural Fact, pp. 153-78. London: Verso.

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Bateson, Gregory (1972a) "Ecology and flexibility in urban civilization", in Steps to an ecology of mind, pp. 494–505. New York: Chandler.

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Ensor, Jonathan and Rachel Berger (2009) "Community-based adaptation and culture in theory and practice", chapter 14 in W. Neil Adger, Irene Lorenzoni and Karen O'Brien, eds., Adapting to Climate Change: Thresholds, Values, Governance, pp. 227–239. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Eriksen, Thomas Hylland (2014) "Globalization and its contradictions: Anthropological research in an overheated world", forthcoming volume edited by Andrew Strathern and Pamela Stewart.

Escobar, Arturo (2008) "Introduction", in A. Escobar: Territories of Difference: Place, Movements, Life, redes, pp. 1–26. Duke University Press.

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Orlove, Ben (2009) "The past, the present and some possible futures of adaptation", in Adapting to Climate Change: Thresholds, Values, Governance, eds. W. Neil Adger, Irene Lorenzoni and Karen O'Brien, pp. 131-163. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Van Daele, Wim (201*) "Oscillating between Village and Globe: Articulating Food in Sri Lankan Activism", in C. Counihan and V Siniscalchi, eds,. Food Activism: Agency, Democracy and Economy, pp. 211-224.  Bloomsbury Academic.

Wilhite, Harold (2013) "Energy consumption as cultural practice: implications for the theory and policy of sustainable energy use", in S. Strauss, S. Rupp & T. Love, eds., Cultures of Energy: Power, Practices, Technologies, pp. 60 - 73. Left Coast Press.

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Yang, Yang (2012) "African traders in Guangzhou: Routes, reasons, profits, dreams", in Gordon Mathews, Gustavo Lins Ribeiro and Carlos Alba Vega, eds.: Globalization From Below: The World's Other Economy, pp. 154-170. London: Routledge.

Curriculum Online articles

Bateson, G., Jackson, D., Haley, D. and J. Weakland (1956): "Toward a theory of Schizophrenia", in Gregory Bateson (2000) Steps to an ecology of mind, pp 201-227. Chicago: University of Chicago press.  online chapter

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Collier, Stephen and Aihwa Ong (2005) "Global Aassemblages: Anthropological problems", in A. Ong and S. Collier, eds., Global AssemblagesTechnology, Politics and Ethics as Anthropological Problems, pp. 1–20. Oxford: Blackwell. online-article

Comaroff, John and Jean L. Comaroff (2000) "Millennial capitalism: First thoughts on a second coming", Public Culture, 12 (2): 291–343. Duke university press

Dalsgaard, Steffen (2013) "The commensurability of carbon", HAU, 3 (1): 80–98.

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Ferguson, Charles H. (2010) Inside Job

Sauper, Hubert (2004) Darwin's Nightmare

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