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Syllabus/achievement requirements

Basic book

Burnell, Peter and Randall, Vicky, Rakner, Lise (eds) (2014): Politics in the Developing World, New York: Oxford University Press. The new 4th edition

The following chapters:

• Randall, Vicky: “Ch 1.Changing Analytical Approches to the Study of Politics in the Developing World”

• Chiriyankandath, James: “Ch 2. Colonialism and Post-Colonial Development”

• Randall, Vicky and Rakner, Lise: Ch 3. “Institutional Perspectives”

• Pearce, Jenny: “Ch 6. Inequality”

• Scarritt, James R.: “Ch 7. Ethnopolitics and Nationalism”

• Haynes, Jeff: “Ch 8. Religion”

• Staudt, Kathleen: “Ch 9. Women and Gender”

• Ottaway, Marina: “Ch 10. Civil Society”

• Gloppen, Siri: “Ch 11. Social Movements and Alternative Politics”

• Leftwich, Adrian: “Ch 12. Theorizing the State”

• Suhrke, Astri and Torunn Wimplemann Chaudhary: "Ch 13. Violent Conflict and Intervention"

• Burnell, Peter: “Ch 14. Democratization”

• Rakner, Lise: “Ch 15. Governance”

Sub-sum: (c. 214 pp)

To be found in an article compilation which can be bought at Kopiutsalget at Akademika bookstore at Blindern campus

Please note that Kopiutsalget at Akademika bookstore first sells the surplus stock from last semester together with an additional compendium with new articles. Articles that are not on your curriculum this semester have been withdrawn from the price.


Brandell, Inga (2012). "Globalisation, Rentier States, Labour and Democracy", in Beckman, Ya’u (eds.) Organising for Democracy, Stockholm University, pp 50-60

Bull, Benedicte (2013). "Social Movements and the ‘Pink Tide’ Governments in Latin America: Transformation, Inclusion and Rejection’", in Stokke, K. and Törnquist, O. (eds) Democratization in the Global South: The importance of Transformative Politics. New York: Palgrave.75-99 (24pp)

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Chibber, Vivek (2005): “The Politics of a Miracle: Class Interests and State Power in Korean Developmentalism” in Coates, David, Varieties of Capitalism, Varities of Approaches, Houndmills: Palgrave, pp. 122-138 (16 pp)

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Jarstad, Anna K. (2008): “Dilemmas of war-to-democracy transitions: theories and concepts”, in Jarstad, A. K and Sisk, T. D. From war to Democracy: Dilemmas of Peacebuilding, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. pp. 17-36 (19 pp)

Kohli, A. and Shue V. (1994): “State Power and Social Forces: on political contention and accommodation in the Third World”, in Migdal, J. S., Kohli, A, and Shue, V. (eds): State Power and Social Forces, Domination and Transformation in the Third World. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. pp. 293-323. (30 pp.)

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Therborn, G. (1992). "The right to vote and the four world routes to/through modernity". In R. Thorstendahl (Ed.) State Theory and State History. London: Sage. (31 pp)

Downloadable articles, books and other texts

You can search the articles and e-books in the e-journal database available at the University of Oslo Library. This requires having access to and being logged onto the UiO system. Contact the Reference Services at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library if you have problems finding the literature.

Boukhars, Anouar (2015) "The Reckoning: Tunisia's Perilous Path to Democratic Stability", Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, paper , April 2015. (27 pp)

Callahan, Mary (2012). "The Opening in Burma. The Generals Loosen their Grip", Journal of Democracy 23(4): 120-131 (12pp).

Collier, P.; Höffler, A., & Rohner, D.(2009): "Beyond greed and grievance: feasibility and civil war",  Oxford Economic Papers (2009) 61 (1): 1-27.

Diamond, Larry, “The Opening in Burma. The Need for a Political Pact", Journal of Democracy, October 2012, Volume 23, Number 4

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Khan, M.H, (2012): "Governance during Social Transformations: Challenges for Africa", New Political Economy, Vol 17, No 5, November. 667-675 (8pp)

Nilsen, Marte (2013). "Will democracy bring peace to Myanmar?" International Area Studies Review 16(2): 115–141 (26 pp).

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Stepan, Alfred (2012). "Tunisia's Transition and the Twin Tolerations", Journal of Democracy, Volume 23, Number 2 (April), pp. 89-103 (14pp)

Törnquist, Olle (2013): Assessing the Dynamics of Democratisation. Transformative Politics, New Institutions, and the Case of Indonesia. New York: Palgrave. Pp. 1 -123. Book to be bought at Akademika or available as e-book at the University of Oslo Library database.

Törnquist, Olle (2014) "From Neo-liberalism  to New-etatism", Jakarta Post, December 18, 2014 (1 pp)


Irrawaddy debate


Will be made available in Fronter

Bünte, Marco ( 2014), "Burma’s Transition to Quasi-Military Rule: From Rulers to Guardians?" Armed Forces & Society, Sept 3, 2014

Stokke, K. and Selboe, E. (2009): "Symbolic Representation as Political Practice". in Törnquist, O., Webster, N. and Stokke, K. (Eds.) Rethinking Popular Representation. Palgrave. (12 pp)

Törnquist, Olle (1999): Politics and Development. A Critical Introduction. London, Thousand Oaks, New York. pp. 7-14, 31-117, (92 pp)

Total sum readings: 998 pages

Extra non-compulsory reading

This literature is not part of the required reading. The purpose of the recommended reading is to broaden and deepen the understanding of the subjects addressed in the course.

Additional chapters in the basic book ‘Politics in the Developing World’ and in Carothers’ book, ‘Development Aid Confronts Politics’;

Scandinavian reading participants may also wish to making it easier to read Törnquist’s ‘Assessing the Dynamics of Democratisation’ by first reading a summary in Swedish of some of the main arguments, forthcoming as a chapter by Törnquist entitled ‘Demokratisering i det Globala Syd’ in a Norwegian anthology on democracy

As a supplement on the corruption discourse you may want to read Rothstein, Bo. (2011) "Anti -corruption: the indirect ‘big-bang’ approach’", Review of International Political Economy, 18:2, 228-250.


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