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Syllabus/achievement requirements


Oatley, T. (2012), International Political Economy (Fifth Ed/International Ed). Longman: Boston. Chapters 5-7 and 10-16. 237 p.

Articles (downloadable)

The articles are available in E-journals that you will find by searching in the base of the University of Oslo Library

Abdelal, Rawi, and Sophie Meunier (2007). France and the Paradox of Managed Globalization. Working Paper. Link 29 p.

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Book chapters

Literature marked with a C are to be found in an article compilation which can be bought from Kopiutsalget at Akademika bookstore at Blindern campus.

Adelman, Morris A. (1995). "Economics of Oil Supply". Chapter 2 in Morris A. Adelman, The Genie out of the Bottle - World Oil since 1970, pp. 11-34. Cambridge MA: The MIT Press. 23 p. C

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Total number of pages on reading list is 1093 (further specifications on contributions from this list that may be read cursorily will be made on Fronter/in class).

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