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Books or parts of books

Agarwala, R. (2013) Informal Labor, Formal Politics, and Dignified Discontent in India. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Selected pages (1-31; 189-205)

Harriss, J., Stokke, K. and Törnquist, O. (Eds.) (2004), Politicising Democracy. The New Local Politics of Democratisation. Houndmills: Palgrave. (available in paperback) Ch 1 and 7.

- Harriss, J., Stokke, K. and Törnquist O. (2004): "Introduction: The New Local Politics of Democratisation". (26 pp)

- Rocamora, J. (2004): “More than Difficult, Short of Impossible: Party Building and Local Governance in the Philippines (21 pp)

Sandbrook, R. (2014) Reinventing the Left in the Global South. The Politics of the Possible Cambridge: Cambrige Unuiversity Press. Ch 1 and 7. (55 pp)

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Stokke, K. and Törnquist, O. (eds.) (2013). Democratisation in the Global South: The importance of transformative politics. Basingstoke: Palgrave. Selected chapters

- Stokke, K. and Törnquist, O (a) “Transformative democratic politics”, (18 pp)

- Heller P. “Participation and democratic transformation: Building effective citizenship in Brazil, India and South Africa” by (32 pp)

- Bull, B. “Social movements and the “pink tide” governments in Latin America: Transformation, inclusion and rejection,” (24 pp)

- Stokke, K. and Törnquist, O “Paradigmatic failures of transformative democratic politics: Indonesia and Sri Lanka in comparative perspective” (24 pp)

- Baiocchi, G., Braathen, E. and Teixeira, A.C. “Transformation institutionalized? Making sense of participatory democracy in the Lula era” (22 pp)

- Manor, J. “Post-clientelist initiatives”, (10 pp)

- Stokke, K. and Törnquist, O., “Policy implications”, (9 pp)

Törnquist, O., Webster, N. and Stokke, K. (Eds.) (2009). Rethinking Popular Representation. Houndmills: Palgrave. (available in paperback) Selected chapters:

- Törnquist, O. (2009): "Introduction: The Problem is Representation! Towards an Analytical Framework" (21 pp)

- Houtzager, P.T. and Lavalle, A.G. (2009): "The Paradox of Civil Society Representation: Constructing New Forms of Democratic Legitimacy in Brazil". (15 pp)

- Stokke, K. and Selboe, E. (2009): "Symbolic Representation as Political Practice". (15 pp)

- Baiocchi, G. and Heller, P. (2009): "Representation by Design? Variations on Participatory Reforms in Brazilian Municipios". (18 pp)

- Harriss, J. (2009): "Compromised Democracy: Observations on Popular Democratic Representation from Urban India" (13 pp)

- Beckman, B. (2009): "Trade Unions and Popular Representation: Nigeria and South Africa Compared". (15 pp)

- Törnquist, O., Quimpo, N. and Tharakan, P.K.M. (2009): "Popular Politics of Representation: New Experiences from Indonesia, Kerala (India) and the Philippines" (22 pp)

Törnquist, O. and Harriss J. with Chandhoke, and  N, Engelstad, F, (eds) Reinventing Social Democratic Development – Insights from Indian and Scandinavian Comparisons (Copenhagen: NIAS books; New Delhi: Manohar 2016) (Available in paperback)

- Törnquist, O with Harriss, J “Introduction: Social Democratic Development” (20 pp)

- Harriss, J. and Törnquist, O. “Lineages of Democratic Development: India and Scandinavia” (21 pp)

- Harriss, J. and Törnquist, O. “Comparative Notes on Indian Experiments in Social Democracy: Kerala and West Bengal” (32 pp)

- Sandvik, H.“From Local Citizenship to the Politics of Universal Welfare: Scandinavian Insights” (17 pp)

- Harriss, J. “What are the Prospects for a Social Democratic Alliance in India Today?” (24 pp)

- Saxena, NC. “Governance Reforms in India” (36 pp)

- Svensson, T. “Strengthening Control or Fostering Trust? Indian Politics and Scandinavian Experiences” (20pp) 

- Chandhoke, N. “The Chequered History of Social Rights in India” (22 pp)

- Engelstad, F. “Welfare State – India and Scandinavia. Social Rights, Decommodification and Democracy” (27 pp)

- Moene, K. “Social Equality as a Development Strategy for the 21st Century” (27 pp)

- Bardhan, P. “Democratic Development in India: Reflections on Problems and Prospects” (13 pp)

- Törnquist, O. “Implications for Scandinavian Social Democracy and International Cooperation“ (24 pp)

- Törnquist, O. and Harriss, J. “What are the Prospects Now for Social Democratic Development?” (19pp)


Articles and brief chapters in books     

Bull, B. (2007). “Comparing Critical Junctures: The Democratic Inclusion of Social Movements in Norway and Latin America”, Forum for Development Studies, 34(1):,63-89. (26 pp)

Carothers, T. (2004). Critical Mission: Essays on Democracy Promotion. Washington, D.C., 167-217. (50 pp)

Carothers, T. (2007a). "How Democracies Emerge. The “Sequencing” Fallacy". Journal of Democracy, 18(1): 12-27. (15 pp)

Carothers, T. (2007b). "Misunderstanding Gradualism", Journal of Democracy, 18(3): 18-22. (5 pp)

Fukuyama, Francis, (2015) ‘Why is Democracy Performing so Poorly?”, Journal of Democracy, 26:1, pp 11-20. (9 pp)

Khan, M. H. (2005) “Markets, States and Democracy: Patron-client Networks and the Case for Democracy in Developing Countries.” Democratization 12, no. 5, pp. 704–724. (20pp)

Mansfield, E.D. and Snyder, J. (2007). "The Sequencing “Fallacy”". Journal of Democracy, 18(3): 5-9. (5 pp)

Ruparelia, Sanjay (2013) “India’s New Rights Agenda: Genesis, Promises, Risks” in Pacific Affairs. Volume 86, No. 3 pp. 569-590.

Stokke, Kristian (2016). “Politics of Citizenship” (manuscript) (15pp)

Therborn, G, (2012) ‘Class in the 21st Century’, New Left Review, 78, Nov-Dec. pp. 5-29 (24 pp)

Therborn, G. (2014) “New Masses?”, New Left Review, 85, Jan-Feb. pp 7-16. (9 pp)

Törnquist, O. (2014) ‘From Neo-liberalism  to New-etatism’, Jakarta Post, December 18, 2014 (1 pp)

Törnquist, O. with Djani,L, Tanjung, O and Tjandra, S (2016) The case for citizen social rights based democracy (forthcoming in anthology on citizenship in Indonesia) c. 15 pp

Törnquist, O. with H. Hanif, E. Hiariej, W. P.Samadhi, and L.Savirani  “Roots of Stagnation and Ways to Democratization 2.0: The Indonesian Message.” (Forthcoming) Available in Swedish in Raino Malnes (red.) Velkomen til Statsvitenskap, Oslo: Gyldendal, 2016) (25pp)

++ Up to date handouts related to the contextual analyses of Burma in particular



Jarstad, Anna K. (2008): “Dilemmas of war-to-democracy transitions: theories and concepts”, in Jarstad, A. K and Sisk, T. D. From war to Democracy: Dilemmas of Peacebuilding, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. pp. 17-36 (19 pp)

Kwon, H.-j., T. Mkandawire and J. Palme (2009) ‘Introduction: social policy and economic development in late industrializers’, International Journal of Social Welfare, 18:1–11

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