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Tuesday 14 November
11.15-13.00 Introduction: Concepts, Relationships, Organization Design Egeberg Simon 1997; Meier 2010; Egeberg 2012; Egeberg, Gornitzka and Trondal 2016, Rothstein 2012
14.15-18.00 Effects of Organization Structure, Demography and Locus on Actual Decision Behaviour and Governance Processes Egeberg Christensen and Lægreid 2009; Christensen, J. 2013; Egeberg 2012; Egeberg, Gornitzka and Trondal 2016; Egeberg and Trondal 2009; 2011; 2015; Suvarierol 2008; Vestlund 2015
time topic lecturer literature
Wednesday 15 November
9.15-13.00 Perspectives on Organizational Change – is Design Possible? Gornitzka Ashworth, Boyne and Delbridge 2009; Cohen, March and Olsen 2012; Egeberg, Gornitzka and Trondal 2016; Freeman, Carroll and Hannan 1983; Gornitzka and Metz 2014, Kelemen and Tarrant 2011; Lægreid, Roness and Rolland 2013; March 1981; March and Olsen 1983; Olsen 1997; Simon 1953; Streek and Thelen 2005;  Tallberg 2010
14.15-16.00 Institutional Theory Røvik Christensen, Lægreid, Roness and Røvik 2007 (ch. 3); Christensen, Lægreid and Rykkja 2015; March and Olsen 1989; Meyer and Rowan 1991; Røvik 2011.
16.15-18.00 But does it work in practice? The study of knowledge transfer and implementation Røvik Røvik 2011; 2016
time topic lecturer literature
Thursday 16 November

Research Design and Methodological Approaches in Organizational Studies on Public Policy and Administration

The aim of the lectures is to provide students with an overview of research design and methodological approaches used in an organization-centred view on Public Policy and Administration. This is however not meant as lectures in research techniques, either quantitative (e.g. how to find the best statistical model for a given dataset and research question) or qualitative (e.g. how to do a proper process-tracing analysis). Rather, the aim is to make participants familiar with a diverse set of empirical studies and to reflect on the promises and pitfalls of the different methodological approaches and the use of different types of empirical material. The lectures will focus on studies of largely similar research topics using different methodological approaches.


How does “turf-protection”, “reputation-seeking” and institutional identity affect the decision-making of public organizations? (ethnographic, case study, comparative case study)

Lit.: Bækkeskov 2014; Busuioc 2016; Barnett and Coleman 2005

How do different types of public organizations respond to media attention? How do internal factors mediate responses to media attention? (ethnographic, media analysis)

Lit.: Thorbjørnsrud 2015; Gilad, Maor and Bloom 2015

Studying organizational change and the effects of organizational factors through surveys and documentary data

Lit.: Bach 2014; Egeberg and Trondal 2009; Yesilkagit and Christensen 2010

13.45-15.30 Course Papers: discussions on potential themes Egeberg  


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