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MILEN9102 – Development and implementation of technology, a focus on solar energy

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This course is part of the MILEN research school, 9100 series. The 9100 courses are characterized by a multidisciplinary focus on topics related to energy, climate and the environment. Typically courses will involve, in addition to lecturers by senior researchers, speakers from the business sector, from the bureaucracy and politicians. Students are expected to participate actively into discussions related to the overarching topic of the specific 9100’ course in workshop sessions and in organized discussions.

MILEN 9102 focuses on the implementation of solar energy technology for provision of electricity in developing countries. The successful introduction and use of a technology is dependent on keeping close attention to both the social and the technical side in a coherent manner.

Learning outcome

The course will give increased knowledge on how solar energy technology can best be implemented, used and adapted to local contexts. The students will learn about: 1. Solar energy in the North and the South - now and in the future, 2. How to create viable models for local solar power supply that can be replicated in a large number of villages.


The course is primarily intended for PhD students admitted to a program at a Norwegian University or University College.
For registration please contact the MILEN administration, see contact information below.
PhD students from other Universities than UiO must in addition apply s a visiting PhD students. Admission is primarily for students involved in the MILEN research school.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

No obligatory prerequisites beyond the minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway.


The lectuers will be provided as part of the mini-conference, Development and implementation of technology, a focus on solar energy The lecturers include: Bengt Svensson, Dept of Physics; Kirsten Ulsrud, Dept. of Sociology and Human Geography; Charles Muchunku, solar energy expert, Camco, Kenya; Tanja Winther, The Centre for Development and the Environment; Truls Norby, The Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology; Debajit Palit, TERI India; Erik Sauar, REC; Henry Gichungi, deputy manager, Kenya Power, Kenya.

Find more information about the lecturers here Attendance during the two day mini-conference is obligatory.

April 11th. and 12th. 2013


The essay / report has to be evaluated as “pased” by a person with senior expertise (meaning at least PhD degree) and also approved by the MILEN research school administration. MILEN research school organizes this assessment. Presentation in a MILEN research school seminar colloquium.

Grading scale

Students are awarded either a passing or a failing grade. Read more about the grading system.

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The course will only be organized spring 2013


Spring 2013

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