TIK4030 – Research- and Technology Policy

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Why are universities and policy agencies for research and higher education going through a transition period? How do modern societies make priorities between research areas, disciplines or research groups? How are various values and interest incorporated into research organizations and policy agencies?

The sector of research and higher education is going through a period of transformation both at the local, national and global level. New roles emerge for policy making institutions, both relating to higher education and to science-, research-, technology and innovation. The transformation will influence a number of organizations that have been established to perform knowledge development and/or use the knowledge in various social, political and economic processes: universities, industrial laboratories, research institutes, ministries, professional associations and international organizations etc.

The course will examine organizations for regulating activities within this sector like research councils, research departments in ministries, committees for research ethics, advisory boards and other agencies. The problem area raised in this course is how modern societies attempt to regulate development and the use of science based knowledge in different areas. The approaches used will be both how the science/R&D sector are formally organized and regulated by governments or private organizations (like companies), and also how use/ diffusion of knowledge are shaped by various socio-cultural factors and political-economic interests in various processes.

Learning outcome

The course gives training in politics relating to higher education organizations, for students interested in working in policy agencies relating to science-, research-, technology-, innovation- and ohter policy sectors.


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The course is applicable for master programme students from humanities/social sciences. Students passed the course TIK4001 – Teknologi, innovasjon og kunnskap have a priority, other students are admidded if capacity.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

A Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences, Humanities or equal.

Recommended previous knowledge

TIK4001 – Teknologi, innovasjon og kunnskap


Detailed Course Information

The lectures will take place in a period of six weeks, from 1st Monday of February to medio March. There will be about 4 lectures every week


ESST-students must pass the compulsory thesis outline, other students must pass term essay. The essay should be maximum 8000 words including references.

Language of examination

If there are no exchange students attending the course, Norwegian may be teaching language.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

Explanations and appeals

Resit an examination

Students who due to illness or other valid reason of absence were unable to write the essay/outline, may apply for an extension on the deadline. Documentation of valid reasons for absence must be submitted.


The course is subject to continuous evaluation. At regular intervals we also ask students to participate in a more comprehensive evaluation.

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This course wil not be offered spring 2012.


This course wil not be offered spring 2009.

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