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Syllabus/achievement requirements

  • BOOKS (ca. 410 pp):

Coward, Harold G. (2000), Pluralism in the world religions a short introduction ([Rev. edn., [Oneworld short guides]; Oxford: Oneworld) VIII, 184 pp.

Johnston, Douglas (2003), Faith-based diplomacy trumping realpolitik (Oxford: Oxford University Press) XXI, 270 pp.

  • ARTICLES (ca. 340 pp):

Gender perspectives (20 pp):

Grung, Anne Hege (2008), 'Including Gender Perspective in Muslim-Christian Dialogue in Europe and Scandinavia - A Disturbance to Bridge-Building or a Contextual Necessity?' in Tormod Engelsviken (ed.), Mission to the world communicating the Gospel in the 21st century : essays in honour of Knud Jørgensen (Regnum studies in mission; Oxford: Regnum), pp. 289-97. (Fronter Text Archive)

King, Ursula: “Gender and Interreligious Dialogue”, Online document 2007 (12 pp)

Faith and politics in Christian-Muslim relations (110 pp):

Esposito, John L. (2008) Pluralism in Muslim-Christian Relations. p. 35 pp, Electronic text archive

Goddard, Hugh (2000), 'Christian-Muslim Relations: a look backwards and a look forwards', Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, (2:2000), 15pp. (Fronter Text Archive)

Leirvik, Oddbjørn (2009 ) "The Cartoon Controversy in Norway: The New Christian Right and Liberal Fundamentalism confronting Islam?" in Mårtensson.U, (ed.), Communicating "Fundamentalism" in the Global Public Sphere (3 Mass Media and Popular Culture; London: I.B. Tauris ), 15 pp. (Fronter Text Archive)

A common word between Us and You. A letter from 138 Muslim leaders to Christian leaders worldwide (2007) p. 15 pp, Online document + A group of Yale scholars: Loving God And Neighbor Together: A Christian Response To A Common Word Between Us And You (2007) 7 pp., Online document + Rowan Williams (2008): A Common Word for the Common Good 17 pp, Online document

Catholic-Muslim Forum (2008), Final Declaration of the First Seminar of the Catholic-Muslim Forum, November 2008. Online document

Global conflict, global ethics (130 pp):

World Parliament of Religions (1993), Declaration Toward a Global Ethic. p. 15 pp, Online document

Hedges, Paul (2008), 'Concerns about the Global Ethic. A Sympathetic Critique and Suggestions for a New Direction', Studies in Interreligious Dialogue, (2: 2008), pp. 153-65. (Fronter Text Archive)

Küng, H. (2008), 'Global Politics and Global Ethic: A New Paradigm of International Relations', in Sturla J. Stålsett (ed.), Religion in a Globalised Age: Transfers and Transformations, Integration and Resistance, 14 pp. (Fronter Text Archive)

Leirvik, Oddbjørn (2002), "Global ethics and moral disagreement after September 11, 2001. A Christian-Muslim perspective", Studies in Interreligious Dialogue, (1:2002), pp. 18-28. Online document

Huntington, S. (1993), 'The Clash of Civilizations?' Foreign Affairs Summer, (72/3:1993), s. 22-49. Online document

Said, E. W. (2001), "The Clash of Ignorance", The Nation, (October 21), 4 pp. Online document

Sen, Amartya (2006), "What clash of civilizations? Why religious identity isn’t destiny" Slate Magazine, (March), 5pp. Online document

Harpviken, Kristian and Hanne Eggen Røislien (2008): "Faithful Brokers? Potentials and Pitfalls of Religion in Peacemaking" Conflict Resolution Quarterly(3: 2008), pp. 351-373 Electronic text archive

R. Scott Appleby (1998) "Religion and Global Affairs: Religious ‘Militants for Peace’", SAIS Review 2: 1998, pp. 38-44 Online document

Trond Bakkevig: "Religious Dialogue and the Quest for Peace in the Middle East", unpublished paper presented at Georgetown University, Washington DC, April 2010 (10 pp)

Oslo Coalition (2008) Missionary Activities and Human Rights: Proposing a Code of Conduct regarding Missionary Activities. p. 10 pp, Online document

The Oslo Centre for Peace and Human Rights: A Code on Holy Sites (2009), 4 pp. Online document > statement

Theology and pluralism (80 pp):

Askari, Hasan (1972), 'The Dialogical Relationship between Christianity and Islam', Journal of Ecumenical Studies, (9:1972), pp. 477-88. (Fronter text archive)

Knitter, Paul F. (2007), '’My God is bigger than your God!’ Time for another axial shift in the history of religions', Studies in Interreligious Dialogue, (1:2007), 17pp. (Fronter text archive)

Oddbjørn Leirvik (2010) "The sacred space between: A relational theology in dialogue with Islam". Current Dialogue (World Council of Churches), 8 pp (Fronter Text Archive)

Winter, Tim (1999), 'The Last Trump Card. Islam and the Supersession of Other Faiths', Studies in Interreligious Dialogue, (9(2):1999), pp. 133-55. (Fronter text archive)

World Council of Churches (2003), Ecumenical considerations for dialogue and relations with people of other religions. p. 15 pp, Online document

Church of Norway (2008), Guiding principles for interreligious relations. p. 6 pp, Online document

  • ELECTIVE STUDY (ca. 250 pp):

An elective study (ca. 250 pp) of one aspect of interreligious relations or of a particular case (interreligious relations in a particular context). Here are a few examples:

  • Sturla J. Stålsett and Oddbjørn Leirvik (eds.) (2004), The Power of Faiths in Global Politics. (Oslo: Novus Press)

  • Mark Juergensmeyer (2003), Terror in the Mind of God. The Global Rise of Religious Violence. (Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: University of California Press)

  • Kate Zebiri (1997), Muslims and Christian Face to Face (Oxford: Onewold)

  • Farid Esack (1997), Qur’an, Liberation and Pluralism. An Islamic Perspective of Interreligious Solidarity Against Oppression. (Oxford: Onewold)

  • Knitter, P. F. (2002), Introducing Theologies of Religion (Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books)

  • Michael Barnes (2002), Theology and the Dialogue of Religions, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)

Or contextual case studies - for instance:

  • Abu-Nimer, M.; Khoury, A. I. and Welty, E. (2007): Unity in Diversity. Inter Faith Dialogue in the Middle East (Washington DC: USIP)

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