Course requirements and attendance

This course has two mandatory requirements that must be fulfilled and approved in order to be able to pass the exam.

Approved mandatory course requirements are valid for 3 years. If a new exam is taken within 3 years after the first attempt, you do not have to fulfill these requirements again.


There is a mandatory 80 % attendance requirement for all courses. If you fail to fulfill this requirement, an additional assignment will have to be completed prior to passing the course. You are also entitled to repeat the course, depending on available capacity.

Group work based on selected articles and syllabus

The group work revolves around the discussion and collective analysis of selected articles and pensum. You will have to make a presentation  during the course. If your presentation is not approved, then the course coordinator will decide on an alternative obligatory assignment prior to the course examination.


Questions about compulsory activities can be directed to the executive officer in charge of the course. The same person collects medical certificates/ sick leaves.

Published July 8, 2014 1:51 PM