Syllabus/achievement requirements

SNE3130 Obligatory reading

SNE3130 - Social and Cultural Perspectives on Special Needs Education

All texts marked with an asterisk are availbale in a joint compendium (SNE4120, SNE3120 & SNE4130) which will be for sale from "Kopiutsalget" in Akademika bookshop, Blindern campus.

Bruner, Jerome (1990) Acts of Meaning. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. 137 p.

Cole, Michael. (1996). Cultural Psychology. Cambridge: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Ch. 1 – 7: 220p.

Klein, Pnina S. (Ed.). (2001). Seeds of Hope. Oslo, Unipub. Ch 1-4: 124p.

*Rye, Henning. (2001). Helping Children and Families with Special Needs - A Resource-Oriented Approach. In Johnsen, Berit H. & Skjørten, Miriam D. (eds). Education – Special Needs Education: An Introduction. Oslo, Unipub.65p

Rogoff, Barbara. (2003). The Cultural Nature of Human Development. Oxford, University Press, ch.1,2,3, 4 & 7,8: 239p.

*Vygotsky, Lev. (1978). Mind in Society. Cambridge, Harvard University Press. Chapters 4 and 6. 19 p

Additional individually selected reading

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