Syllabus/achievement requirements

Compulsory reading

SNE4110 Compulsory reading:

SNE 4110 - Education for All

All texts marked with an asterisk * are available in a compendium named SNE4110. (The two courses - SNE3110 and SNE4110 - have the same compulsory reading). The compendium will be on sale from "Kopiutsalget" in Akademika bookshop, Blindern campus. But these texts are also available online, either through a Google search or by clicking provided link.

Bronfenbrenner, Urie. (1979). The Ecology of Human Development. Cambridge, Harvard University Press. Chapter 2, 4, 5, 7, 9-11 188 p.

* Bronfenbrenner, Urie and Morris, P.A (2006). The Bioecological Model of Human Development. In W. Damon and R.M. Lerner (Editors-in-Chief) and R.M. Lerner (Volume Editor), Handbook of Child Psychology Vol. 1. Theoretical Models of Human Development (6th ed). New York: John Wiley & Sons. 32 p.

* Johnsen, Berit H. (2001). Introduction to the History of Special Needs Education towards Inclusion - A Norwegian and European Context. In B. H. Johnsen & M. D. Skjørten (eds.). Education - Special Needs Education: An Introduction (pp.133 – 154). Oslo, Unipub. 11 p.

* Johnsen, Berit H. (2001). Educational Policies and Debate concerning the School for All and Special Needs Education - National Perspective: The Situation in Norway. In B. H. Johnsen & M. D. Skjørten (eds.). Education – Special Needs Education: An Introduction (155 – 173). Oslo, Unipub. 18 p.

Kirk, Samuel A. et. al. (2011). Educating Exceptional Children. Thirteenth edition. USA, Hougthon Mifflin Company. Chapter 1. Children with Exceptionalities (pp 4 – 34). Chapter 2. Exceptional Children and Social Institutions: Government, Schools, and the Courts (pp 35 – 70). 65 p.

* World Health Organization. (2002). Towards a Common Language for Functioning, Disability and Health. ICF. Geneva. 23 p.

* UN. (1991). Convention on the Rights of the Child. New York, United Nations. 15 p.

* UN. (1994). Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disability. New York, United Nations. 50 p.

* UNESCO. (1994). The Salamanca Statement and Framework for Action on Special Needs Education. 47 p.

* UNESCO (2004). EFA Global Monitoring Report 2005. Education for All: The quality imperative. Chapter 1. Understanding Education Quality (pp 27 – 37) Chapter 2. The Importance of Good Quality: What research tells us (pp. 38- 80) Paris. 52 p.

* Vislie, Lise. (2003). From integration to inclusion: focusing global trends and changes in the western European societies. Eur. J. of Special Needs Education, Vol. 18, No. 1. 14p.

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