UV9030 – Research design

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This course will provide an overview of different research designs often used in the educational sciences, which are related to qualitative, quantitative and mixed methodologies. The main aim of the course is to strengthen the participants abilities to create adequate research designs in their own research endeavors, and to actively assess the design choices - and their implications -  in research conducted by peers. The course will cover two half days, and there will be a short assignment prior to the first meeting. All participants are expected to actively participate in discussions which are part of the course. The literature for the course is intended to be read prior to the course.

During the course, different designs will be presented and discussed, with respect to:

  • What type of research questions can be examined / answered in the various research designs;
  • What are their possible units of analysis, data sets and methodologies;
  • What are their strengths and limitations

Learning outcome

Upon completion of the course, candidates

  • Demonstrate understanding of different research designs and their epistemological foundations
  • Can recognize methodological implications of the various designs in general terms
  • Are able to compare and assess strengths and limitations of published research that employ different research designs to approach related problems
  • Are able to position their own research design in the broader research traditions of the educational and social sciences


PhD candidates affiliated with the Faculty of Educational Sciences register through Studentweb.

Others may apply through the web form: application form autumn 2021

PhD candidates at The Faculty of Educational Sciences will be given priority. As a minimum requirement, all participants must hold at least a Master's degree.

Registration deadline: August 1, 2021.


Lectures and seminars.

For more information please visit the current semester website.


A paper in which the candidate compares and contrasts two published studies that use different designs to approach the same topic. Submitted assignment prior to the course and participation in collaborative groups during the course must be completed. An approved paper is to be submitted after the course. Candidates receive 2 credits for the completion of both assignments.

80% attendance is required.

Papers are to be submitted electronically in Canvas.

More information will be available in Canvas.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale.


All participants will receive link to the evaluation form after each course.

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