UV9101B – Basic Course in Qualitative Research Methodology. Specific part.

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Course content

The Basic Course in Qualitative Research Methodology takes a broad view on qualitative methodology in education research and departs from the basic assumption that quantitative and qualitative researchers have a shared interest in the development of scientific knowledge. It is composed of a general part and a specific part.

General part (UV9101A - Basic Course in Qualitative Research Methodology)

The general part will provide an overview of different approaches to qualitative methodology and strategies for analysis and synthesis that draw on these traditions.  An important element deals with principles of research design – a theme that includes both processual aspects (predefined design/iterative design), integration of methods (mono/mixed methods) and issues of generalizability (case-studies/extensive qualitative studies).  Also debates about other quality criteria are central topics in this part of the course. 

Specific part

Students can choose between UV9101B - Basic Course in Qualitative Research Methodology or another specialized course in qualitative methodology (for example interaction analysis, interview methods, observational methods, document analysis).   

Learning outcome

Upon completion of UV9101B students will acquire a deep understanding of different qualitative research designs and strategies for data-collection, analysis and synthesis. They will be able to evaluate their specific strengths and weaknesses and to apply these insights in a critical and proficient examination of the design of their own research project. The course is intended to strengthen the students’ competence in scientific reasoning and argumentation.


PhD candidates at the Faculty of Educational Sciences will be given priority, but it is also possible for others to apply for the course. Applicants must have at least a Master's degree.

Candidates admitted to the PhD Programme at the Faculty of Educational Sciences should apply through Studentweb

Other applicants may apply using this application form

Registration deadline: February 11, 2018.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

Students must have completed the PhD course UV9101A – Basic Course in Qualitative Research Methodology (General part) (instruction and coursework) in order to attend this course.


Open lectures, paper presentations and group discussions.

This is an intensive course over two days, comprising a total of 14 hours (7 hours each day).

Time: February 26-27, 2018

Place: University of Oslo, Helga Engs hus, Seminar room 231

You will find the timetable and literature on the semester webpage for this course.

Course programme (pdf)


1 credit point for course participation (80% attendance is required).
3 credit points for course participation and paper based on themes from the specific part and general part (7 pages, Times New Roman 12, line spacing 1,5).  

Papers are to be submitted to Leif Christian Lahn (l.c.lahn@iped.uio.no) with a copy to Olga Mukhina (olga.mukhina@iped.uio.no).

The deadline for paper submission is April 15, 2018.

Language of examination

The papers can be written in Norwegian or English.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

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The course UV9101B was offered in spring 2018 for the last time. The courses UV9101A (2 credits) and UV9101B (3 credits) have been substituted with the courses UV9102A (3 credits) and UV9102B (2 credits).

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