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UV9119 – Qualitative document analyses: traditions and techniques

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Documents are without doubt an important source for researching the policy-practice-nexus. The course aims at exploring and discussing research traditions, strategies and the possibilities of qualitative content analysis. In addition to basic policy documents such as ‘Green, and White Papers,’ also newspapers, legal texts, circulars, reports, curriculum guidelines, assessment frameworks, study plans, text books and pupils’ own writings are relevant data sources. First the course will give a basic introduction to document analysis, addressing how to bridge ideational and realistic approaches. Thereafter, guiding principles and procedures for pursuing qualitative content analysis will be presented. A particular focus will be put on quality criteria and validation issues. Finally, the course will address the roles case-comparative and historical perspectives play in studying substantive issues and problems. In combination with the preparatory readings, the lectures will set the floor for group discussions related to the projects of the participants.

Organizer: The Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Oslo and the Research Group Curriculum Studies, Educational Leadership and Governance (CLEG) and Studies of Instruction across Subjects and Competences (SISCO).

Learning outcome


  • To develop insights into relevant perspectives and methodologies in the field of document analysis with a focus on interpretative and comparative research strategies
  • To improve the skills of PhD candidates to conduct qualitative content analysis in their own research practice
  • To share concrete experiences and arguments related to data collection and analysis, and discuss these dimensions in regard of substantial as well as methodological issues


All applicants must hold at least a Master's degree.

Candidates admitted to a PhD-program at the Faculty of Educational Sciences (UV): Apply by using Studentweb

Other applicants: apply through registration form.

Registration deadline: January 2nd, 2017


Work format: Open lectures and group discussions.

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Participation two days and submitted paper after the seminar: 3 credits.
Participation two days, but not submitted paper: 1 credit

80% attendance is required.

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The course will be arranged annually and will involve researchers from different research groups at the Faculty of Education (ExCID/CLEG/ SISCO).

The course content is complementary to the introductory course UV9201 and the course on Discourse and text analysis UV9116.

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