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UV9211 – Introduction to path-analysis and structural equation modeling

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Introduction to path-analysis, confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), hierarchical confirmatory factor analysis, multi traits multi methods (MTMM), multiple group CFA with covariates MIMIC), structural equation modeling (SEM), exploratory structural equation modeling (ESEM). Mplus is used to estimate the various models. The course includes practical exercises where participants can practice on a given material.


PhD candidates at the Faculty of Educational Sciences will be given priority, but it is also possible for others to apply for the course. Applicants must have at least a Master's degree.

Candidates admitted to the PhD Programme at the Faculty of Educational Sciences should apply through Studentweb

Other applicants may apply using this application form

Registration deadline: March 4, 2018.


You will find the timetable and literature on the semester webpage for this course.


To obtain 1 study point 80% attendance in the course is required.

To obtain 4 study points participants need to submit a paper after the course. 80% attendance is required.

Papers are to be submitted electronically to Arne Lervåg ( with a copy to Olga Mukhina (

Deadline for paper submission is May 1, 2018.

Language of examination

The papers can be written in Norwegian or English.

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Grades are awarded on a pass/fail scale. Read more about the grading system.

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The course UV9211 was offered in spring 2018 for the last time. The courses UV9211 (4 credits) and UV9215 (3 credits) have been substituted with the course UV9210 (5 credits). 

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