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UV9346 – Linguistic perspectives on teaching writing

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The overall topic is how teacher’s linguistic knowledge can contribute to teaching and assessing writing, especially at secondary level. A particular focus will be given to Myhill’s seminal study Rethinking Grammar: the impact of embedded grammar teaching on students’ writing and students’ metalinguistic understanding. This mixed-method study is significant in providing for the first time of positive benefit derived from the teaching of grammar.  A second topic, closely connected to the first, is insight into the compositional characteristics of secondary writers. In addition to Myhill's presentations, participants are encouraged to present related topics from their own research.

Learning outcome

The aim of the course is to provide insight into student writing that will contribute to participants’ competence as writing researchers and teacher educators.


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Deadline for registration: October 18th, 2013


Formal prerequisite knowledge

Formal prerequisite knowledge

No obligatory prerequisites beyond the minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway.

Recommended previous knowledge

Formal prerequisite knowledge

Admission on a Ph.D. - Programme and at least a Masters Degree


Location: University of Oslo, Helga Eng’s Hus,room 231
Duration: 12 hours, two days
Dates:  November 18-19

Responsible: Professor Frøydis Hertzberg and Associate ProfessorJonas Bakken, ILS

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  • 1 credit points for course participation (80% attendance required)
  • 3 credit points for course participation and paper presentation

Participants will have the opportunity to present a paper on methodological challenges in their own work. Duration: 20 minutes talk with additional 10 minutes for discussion. Abstracts (200-400 words) should be sent to Frøydis Hertzberg no later than October 31.


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Autumn 2013


Autumn 2013

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