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UV9358 – Developing research in teacher education

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Organiser: Research group Teacher Professionalism and Educational Change: Practices, Purposes, Policies (TEPEC) and the Department of teacher Education and School Research.

Subject: Good teacher education, informed by relevant research, is judged by policy makers and practitioners alike to be central to increasing the quality of schooling in many countries. Research on teacher education has been accused of a lack of rigour and of being atheoretical plus without adequate relevance. For these reasons strengthening research in and on teacher education is high on educational agendas in many countries.  This PhD seminar addresses these challenges in teacher education research and teacher education programmes. Learning progress of student teachers appears to be related to the quality of the campus-based courses, the personal talent of the student teachers for carrying out the tasks associated with the teaching profession, the quality of the supervision received by students in their school-based practicum and – not least – their own learning activities. The interrelationship between these factors is complex. This PhD course focuses on major challenges facing the research communities. The course is based on the research and development of the research group TEPEC and The Centre for Professional learning in Teacher education (ProTed).

The aims of this PhD course are to (1) provide opportunities for doctoral students to acquire a deeper understanding of these challenges in teacher education research and teacher education programmes, and (2) provide opportunities for doctoral students to discuss their own contribution to the field.

Duration: 6 hours


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Registration deadline: October 28th 2015


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2 credits with documentation (paper), 0 credit without documentation.


Seminar participants are suggested to give an oral presentation of their work.

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