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UV9918V8 – Introduction to Statistical Reasoning

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This course is a series of classes on fundamental concepts in statistics and modern data-analytical practices. Emphasis is on statistical literacy and development of statistical thinking; stressing conceptual understanding, rather than mere procedural knowledge. The overarching objective is to encourage the critical reading of existing research and encourage robust design and evaluation of your own research. Core themes are (i) Randomness, (ii) Descriptive Statistics, (iii) Data Management, (iv) Statistical Design, Inference, and Models, and (v) Data Analysis Ethics.

Learning outcome

See Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education:


PhD candidates at the Faculty of Educational Sciences will be given priority, but it is also possible for others to apply for the course.

Deadline for registration: April 23.

Candidates admitted to a PhD-program at the Faculty of Educational Sciences (UV): Apply by Studentweb.

Other applicants: apply through Nettskjema.

Maximum number of participants is 25.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

Familiarity with R at a level equivalent to the course UV9918V6 Introduction to R.


Organizer: CEMO (Centre for Educational Measurement at University of Oslo)

Coordinator/Responsible: Associate Professor Johan Braeken

Teaching: Ten 3-hour sessions, 13:00-16:00/09:00-12:00

Dates: May 7, 8 and 14 , June 4-6,12-14 and 19. Click here to see the detailed schedule.

Location: Auditorium "Smalltalk" and seminar room "Shell" in Ole Johan Dahls hus.

Language: English

Credits: Participation with paper: 5 ECTS. Participation without paper: 1 ECTS.


The course will span a semester in which we will cover concepts and visualization, common misconceptions and fallacies, and have class discussions and exercises, and homework readings and assignments in the free statistical software environment R.


Dienes, Z. (2008). Understanding Psychology as a Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Statistical Inference. Palgrave. (200 pages)

A reading-list with additional selected papers will be provided. (approx. 200 pages)



To obtain 1 credit, 80 % attendance in the course is required. To obtain 5 credits, 80 % attendance and a submitted and positively rated paper is required. A more specific description of requirements for the paper will be given at the course.

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Spring 2018


Spring 2018

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