Job search workshop

The Career Services at the University of Oslo offers a 2 hour workshop on job search in Norway. The presentation will be in English, and is aimed at international students looking for a full time, professional job.

Topics that will be addressed in the workshop:

1.       Job opportunities in Norway for graduates who don't master Norwegian as a working language

2.       Strategies for job searching

3.       "Do's" and "don'ts" in Norwegian recruitment processes

4.       How to write a good CV and cover letter - "Norwegian style"

Date and time: 01.10.2019 at 4.15 pm - 6 pm.

There will be maximum 32 participants at the workshop. The workshop will be held in SiO kursrom (on the first floor of the Frederikke building).

Sign up through the activity calendar: Here you'll also find information about our Information Meeting: Part-Time Jobs in Norway the 4th of September and other relevant activities.


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