Routines for Submission of the thesis. The final examination, and the examiners of the thesis.

The regulations for the Masters program are based on the "Regulations for the 2-year long Masters program at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences”, approved and established by the faculty board-meeting on May 6th 2004 in accordance to the Rules for studies and examinations at the University of Oslo. The program board also has the ability and opportunity to provide more specific/additional rules within the given framework in this regulation or in their own mandate.

Completion of the Masters program.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all course requirements for the Bachelors program are met prior to the final semester. This also entails all the course requirements that are part of the basis for the Masters degree, including prerequisites. Final exam will not be scheduled until all the requirements are met.

All theoretical exams must be passed prior to the final exam. The thesis should be printed and handed in by the date given in the agreement, unless the student has received an extension or made proper arrangements for part-time studies. The advisor, examiner and the candidate will set up a date for the exam, which normally is within four weeks after submission of the thesis.


All students must submit their master's thesis to DUO open research archive. This is done at studentweb before delivering the thesis for printing. You will get a receipt on e-mail.

Printing of the thesis can either be done by yourself, or you can get it printed by the university facility (Reprotjenesten). You order the printing at University Print Center. You must be on a UIO-computer when you log in.

IBV cover 15 copies and 15 colour pages. If you need more copies or colour pages you must agree with your supervisor to cover the extra cost. In the window "kontostreng" you fill in:  Sted: 152900 - Prosjekt: 000000 - Tiltak: 629030


Upon printing of the thesis, you must go to the student advisor for information about the exam.


Make sure your supervisors and the committee get a printed version of your thesis.

The Exam

Once the thesis is submitted, the course of study is completed with an oral exam, scheduled within 4 weeks after submission. The advisor will contact the external and internal examiner when the thesis is submitted. He/she will also inform the Student Council about the name of the examiners and the time for the exam. The Student Council will in turn prepare the necessary paperwork, and reserve a room for the exam. For external thesis, this is done by the internal advisor who finds the examiners for the exam.

After the exam, borrowed books and keys must be returned. Everyone must fill out and sign a Clearing Form   in order to get your diploma. This form must be returned before the diploma is received and after the examiners has approved the thesis and the presentation (about 4 weeks after the exam). Remember to report any changes of address in Student Web.


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