Masteroppgaver - Side 8

Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
The biological background for stress-induced depressive states 22. mars 2018
A high resolution functional imaging and molecular genetic analysis of a peptide and calcium mediated signalling pathway in plants 22. mars 2018
Molecular heterogeneity in multifocal prostate cancer 22. mars 2018
Development of novel treatments for drug-resistant Candida infections 22. mars 2018
Interaction of Tec-SH3 domain with the adapter protein TSAd 22. mars 2018
Bacterial toxins 22. mars 2018
Protein glycosylation in a model bacterial system: studies of evolution, structure and function 22. mars 2018
Identification of novel therapies for MLL-rearranged leukemia 22. mars 2018
Exosomes as new markers in risk stratification of pediatric acute leukemia 22. mars 2018
How transcription factors contribute to changes in muscle physiology. 22. mars 2018
In vivo imaging of phenotype change in muscle. 22. mars 2018
Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and Cancer – the role of c-Myb and SUMO 22. mars 2018
Dissecting the molecular basis of severe congenital brain diseases 22. mars 2018
Immunomodulation and targeted therapies group headed by Mouldy Sioud 22. mars 2018
Influence of Medication in Pregnancy on ‘Jumping genes’ 22. mars 2018
Atg8 proteins in mammalian autophagy; individual roles and mechanisms of action 22. mars 2018
A biophysical study on the mechanisms of E. coli outer membrane protein folding and small-molecule transport 22. mars 2018
Identification and characterisation of novel compounds for potential application in the immunotherapeutic treatment of leukaemia 22. mars 2018
The role of antigen presenting cells in the gut: key regulators of immunity 22. mars 2018
Systematikk og fylogeni hos fiskeparasitter i Oslofjorden - Masteroppgaver knyttet til forskningsprosjektet MonoMyx. 22. mars 2018
Hvordan påvirkes genomstørrelse og cellestørrelse av temperatur? 22. mars 2018
Algevegetasjonen i indre Oslofjord 22. mars 2018
Biodiversitet i ålegrassamfunn 22. mars 2018
Seasonal occurence of toxic algal species in the Oslofjord 22. mars 2018
Vertical distribution of protists (including microalgae) 22. mars 2018