Master projects in statistical ecology

We offer supervision of master projects in statistical modelling of ecological data to students with a strong interest in statistical modelling. Projects will be supervised by Torbjørn Ergon at Department of Biosciences and Geir Storvik at Department of Mathematics, and possibly other supervisors. Specific projects will be designed to meet the background and interests of the candidates, the current research interests of the supervisors, and the availability of data.

We are particularly interested in supervising projects relating to population ecology (particularly demography, population dynamics, movements and species distributions), but students are encouraged to suggest their own research topics. The master student will take part in developing statistical models for ecological data and implement these in computer code (in e.g. R, JAGS, NIMBLE or TMB), with the focus on making sound inference relating to ecological questions. Relevant statistical methodologies include, but are not limited to, hierarchical (state-space) models (e.g., capture-recapture, species occupancy, movement and population dynamics models), hidden Markov models, survival analysis, maximum likelihood estimation, Bayesian MCMC methods and particle filtering.



Suitable for students in the following disciplines:

  • ‘Ecology and Evolution’
  • ‘Biodiversity and systematics’
  • ‘Marine Biology and Limnology’
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