Databasing Norwegian ethnobotany using citizen science

Scientific background

Plants are a prerequisite for human life and culture; they are used as food, fodder, medicines, craft and building materials. Local, traditional knowledge about plants is important for biodiversity conservation, human health and wellbeing, but it is quickly being lost. The Norwegian authorities acknowledge the importance of traditional knowledge for characteristic Norwegian local landscapes in Norway’s National Biodiversity Action Plan. Whilst a wealth of information is concealed in sources across research disciplines, much has not yet be documented.

Project aims and methodology

This project aims to study the historical change of Norway’s traditional botanical knowledge in the context of Norway’s National Biodiversity Action Plan. The project will evaluate and analyse available literature data, identify major gaps and carry out fieldwork and interviews to document extant botanical practices.


Anneleen Kool (NHM), Irene Teixidor-Toneu (NHM)

Publisert 12. apr. 2018 08:12 - Sist endret 12. apr. 2018 08:12

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