Master projects in Ethiopia

The University of Oslo is collaborating with Addis Abeba University, Bahir Dar University, University of Bergen and several conservation NGOs operating in Ethiopia through a RCN funded student exchange project over the NORPART program.

We are now enrolling master students to work in Ethiopia in close collaboration with Ethiopian students, starting in August 2019. We are seeking highly motivated students that are interested in working together with foreign students in tropical environments. The NORPART project is focusing on student exchange and the research to be conducted by the master students will be related to the involved supervisors’ research interests. In the first round of student enrolment we offer projects related to coffee farming. We are seeking students that are interested in the interrelationship between coffee production systems and biodiversity, including (but not limited to): insect diversity (e.g. beetles), ecosystem services (pollination), insect pests (berry borer beetle), effects of wild-plant communities on pollination services, insect pests and how climate change and land use might affect all these systems and processes. Interested students can contact Anders Nielsen for further information.

Publisert 12. aug. 2019 14:12 - Sist endret 12. aug. 2019 14:12


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