Toxicity assessment of effluents from a small scale biorefinery process

The main objective of the DEBUT project is to develop a small scale, multiple input biorefinery process using various types of lignocellulose biomass. The main biochemicals resulting from the biorefinery process are ferulic acid and 2,3- butanediol (2,3-BD). Ferulic acids address mainly health and wellness related industries, whilst 2,3-BD is a versatile chemical, with a fast-growing market. The proposed biorefinery process produces also agricultural inputs such as lignin, minerals and microbial plant biostimulants.

The various effluents from the biorefinery process require risk assessment to marine and freshwater organisms. These will include a suite of standardised (OECD, ISO, ASTM) and ad-hoc testing to determine acute and chronic effect to aquatic organisms. In addition, the genotoxic effects of these effluents will be assessed.

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Project manager: Steven Brooks

UiO Supervisor: Anders Ruus

Publisert 19. juni 2019 11:20 - Sist endret 19. juni 2019 11:20


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