Musicology (master)

This taught masters course provides the student with the possibility to specialise within the field of musicology. The work undertaken in this master degree will have a clear focus on a specialist topic whereby the student will be expected to produce a project in the form of a dissertation that can also involve combined practical and theoretical work.

Specialist areas include the music culture and pedagogics where the issue of musical mediation is directly connected to teaching practice. This specialism is connected to modules where approaches to systematic musicology, music psychology, music sociology and anthropology, and the didactic and music pedagogical are central. Within the field of music history and aesthetics, central historical and aesthetic issues are connected to various scientific approaches, including systematic musicology. This area is suitable for those interested in lineages in music history, interpretation of works and musical meaning in a broad context that includes different musical genres. Specialisation in popular music research involves numerous modules attached to analysis, production and technology. This specialism also draws on an interdisciplinary field, which includes music sociology, gay and lesbian studies, African-American studies, ethnomusicology, and cultural studies. Another field students can specialise in is music theory, which involves harmony and counterpoint in many different styles, instrumentation, arranging, sonic theory and the diverse representations of musical sound. This area is suitable for students with an interest in music theory, composition, harmony and counterpoint, and other related areas. It is also possible to specialise in music technology where approaches include music acoustics, sound synthesis and sound treatment, different distinctions between instrument/machine and performer, as well as the related fields of psychoacoustics, music cognition and music aesthetics. This specialism is well suited not only for those interested in music technology within different styles and genres, but also those interested in sonic research, music psychology and music aesthetics.
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