Exchange agreement with Oxford Brookes University

Do you want to study in one of the most famous student cities in the world? Oxford is a city filled with history which you can be a part of. By studying one semester at Oxford Brookes University you will experience the English culture, gain a professional network from all around the world and experience first-hand a recognised British university.

At Oxford Brookes University you will be able to take courses mainly within Management.

All the courses have been pre-approved by the University of Oslo and will work as electives in your degree. Please check with the student advisor at HEPMA before making your selection of courses at Brookes in order to prevent any overlap.

There are four University Hospitals in Oxford and there is a close cooperation between them and Oxford Brookes. This network makes the education and teaching oriented towards your future professional career.

Language of teaching


Tuition fees

There are no tuition fees as an exchange student to Oxford Brookes University. You will be entitled to an Erasmus scholarship.


You are guaranteed accommodation as long as you apply within the deadline.


Norwegian- and other EEA-citizens do not need a student visa to study in England. For other students, please contact the British embassy.

How to apply?

You apply to do a semester abroad through SøknadsWeb. The deadlines are 15 February/15 September. Please see søknadsprosessen (in Norwegian)

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