Tips til markedsføring og formidling av Mazemap

Mazemap materiale

Mazemap gav innføringsprosjektet en Marketing Pack - Education - Våren 2022, som inneholder både tips til lanseringsmarkedsføring, samt tips for QR-koder og mal for flyers.


Create some content to share externally:
● Write a blog showing users how the maps work
● Announce the solution in your email newsletter
● Create an announcement post on social media
● Ask your university publication(s) to write an article
● Contact your local newspaper or publication to ask if they will write a story about the new service
● Ask student associations to promote MazeMap through their communication channels

Embed MazeMap on your webpage or in your app
Once your map is up-and-running, you’ll receive an API that allows you to embed your map on your webpage and in your university, college or school app.
Embedding your map makes it much easier for students and staff to find and use.
See here for full instructions on embedding your map into your website.

Make use of QR codes
QR codes can be added to signs, posters, flyers, etc. When scanned, they will open up MazeMap, ready for your user to enter their directions. These flyers and posters will come in especially useful during the introductory week. We have some pre-made flyer and poster templates here that you are free to use. You can also find copies of our logo and brand guidelines here.

Add QR codes to physical signage
If you don’t have indoor positioning available, adding QR codes to your physical signage can work really well to help users navigate from A to B.

Here’s how to find QR codes for the destinations on your map:

Digitale skilter (Scala) med Mazemap QR koder

Scala melder i digitalskilting møter at det er forholdsvis lett å få en liten autogenerert QR-kode i våre infoskjermer som fortelle brukerens mazemap-klient hvor den er.

Altså en QR kode for posisjon på hvor man er i Mazemap, autogenerert i Scala basert på dens metadata.

Dersom dette underpunktet er uendret fra Aug 2022, så kan evnt interesse om dette meldes til for videre oppfølging mot

Publisert 16. aug. 2022 10:25 - Sist endret 16. aug. 2022 14:08