Nettskjema sitt API


The API supports two ways of authentication. One as a regular user through the web interface, and one through authentication tokens.

User authentication

Entities who authenticate through the web interface with a username and password will be granted access to all resources. There is no restrictions on the type of operations done on a resource.

User authentication gives wide access rights to resources owned by an entity, and should only be used through the web interface. Scripts or 3rd party applications interacting with the API should use tokens for authentication.

Token authentication

Tokens are generated through the web interface of Nettskjema. To create a token, a regular user must first create a specific API user. API users are treated the same way as other users in Nettskjema, with the only exception that they can not authenticate directly with Nettskjema. API users must be owned by a person or group in Nettskjema.

API users can be created on

When an API user have been created, one or more tokens can be generated for the API user. Tokens are valid for 365 days after creation, and must have a list of whitelisted IP addresses or subnets which is allowed to access the API. Subnets for the UiO network is set as default. Additionally, a token must have one or more claims, describing which operations the token is allowed to do on a resource. A token gets its access from the API user, so the API user must be added to all the forms you want the token to have access to.


Link to swagger documentation soon to come :)

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