RT 5 Changelog

Oversikten viser noen viktige endringer siden forrige versjon (4.4.2)

* Unlimited attachment uploads (antall, ikke størrelse) 
* Warning for LIKE 'NULL' in search builder.
* Sort saved searches alphabetically by name rather than by id.
* Fix evaluation of set vs. unset custom fields on display for correct hiding.
* Set dropzone attachment size based on RT's MaxAttachmentSize configuration. Warning when too large attachments.
* Add an Untake action to the Actions tab.
* Add active and inactive status to query builder.
* Re-add Queue to 'Order by' dropdown in Search Builder.
* Add PreferDropzone config/pref option for users. Dropzone is not accessible to screen readers and this enables the previous attachments interface which is accessible.
* Add keyboard shortcuts for reply and comment on ticket display page. (r / c). Press ? on keyboard to see all shortcuts.
* Accept usernames for email input fields on ticket create/update
* Use user timezone for date "=" queries in ticket search
* Support role searches like Owner = CF.cid or Owner = Creator
* Add basic stacked bar chart support
* Remove table-based page layout and make design responsive
* Create new elevator-light and elevator-dark themes
* Convert many on-screen hints/help to tooltips
* New transaction query builder for searching transactions
* Add line charts to chart options
* Inline edit is now available on ticket display and in ticket listings (search results, saved searches, etc.)
* New graphical UI for building and editing lifecycles (workflow) and lifecycle settings
* Queue can now be selected directly on the ticket create page and changed before creating a ticket
* Content selected on ticket display is quoted on reply/comment
* Possible to subscibe (e-mail) to Dashboards.
* Add Create Ticket option to Home menu so it is available when in assets, articles, etc.
* New page option to reverse transaction sort on current ticket while viewing
* Move user-generated dashboards from the Home menu to Reports menu
* Make Reports menu configurable, including removing default reports and adding/removing dashboards (like previous functionality in Home)
* Support for filtering by lifecycle in ticket query builder
* Default mobile devices to full (now responsive) RT web UI. Actually usable!
* New modern REST2 API



Ellers finner du også informasjon på Best Practical (leverandør av RT) sine sider:


Publisert 6. mai 2022 09:48 - Sist endret 6. mai 2022 09:48
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