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Tjenester for Sensitive Data (TSD)

TSD gir forskere ved UiO og ved andre offentlige forskningsinstitusjoner en forskningsplattform som oppfyller lovens strenge krav til behandling og lagring av sensitive forskningsdata.

TSD driftslogg

  • Colossus jobs - pending state 20. nov. 2017 13:01

    Jobs that will not end before 28th November will be placed on a pending state and will start automatically after 28 Nov.

    e.g. as of now (20th Nov) if you ask for a time limit of less than a week the job should start. Otherwise the job state will show as PD....

  • TSD: Unplanned reboot of some machines 19. nov. 2017 18:00

    On Saturday morning (18/11-2017 around 11:00 am) there has been a crash of one of the virtualization cluster in TSD. The failover mechanism has automatically moved all to the machine to the other clusters, but in this process were the machines rebooted.

    We will investigate together with the vendor the causes of this failure.

    In the meantime we apologize for the inconvenience.


  • [SOLVED] /cluster filesystem crash 15. nov. 2017 16:40

    One of the /cluster filesystem IO nodes went down at 15:00, leading to parts of the /cluster filesystem being unavailable. It was restarted at 16:00, and we are currently checking the Linux VMs for nfs hangs.

    EDIT: Our tests didn't indicate any nfs related hangs on the Linux VMs.