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About UiO



University of Oslo
Boks 1072 Blindern
0316 Oslo

Phone: (47) 22 85 50 50


Emergency phone: 22 85 66 66


Innovation at UiO

Strong innovation communities, studies, The UiO Innovation Prize

Facts and figures

UiO in brief, facts and figures

Getting around

Art and culture

Regulations and guidelines

A selection of acts, regulations, rules, agreements and guidelines for all of UiO

Global UiO

  • A globally engaged university
  • How to work with us
  • Strategic collaboration
  • Priority partner countries
  • Centres abroad
  • Summer schools

Science Shop

Collaborative projects between Master students and companies and organisations based in Norway.


27 Sep.
12:00, Seminarrom 4th floor, Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), Sognsveien 68
27 Sep.
19:00, Universitetets aula, Karl Johans gate 47
28 Sep.
Academy of Science and Letters
29 Sep.
Academy of Science and Letters