The North-South Committee

The Committee for North-South cooperation gives strategic advice to the university leadership and is involved in the quality assurance of UiO's participation in Norwegian programmes for North-South cooperation.

The North-South committee was established in 1979, and it consists of one member from each faculty, one member from the museums, one member from the centres and one student. The members are elected for 2 year periods. The Chair of the committee is Prof. Kristian Stokke.


Faculty Member Deputy member
Members of the North South Committee 2014-15
Faculty of Medicine Prof. Espen Bjertness Prof. Kristin Heggen
Faculty of Law Ass. Prof. Ingunn Ikdahl Prof. Bård Anders Andreassen
Faculty of Humanities Ass. Prof. Koen Wellens Ass. Prof. Leiv Marsteintredet
Faculty of Theology Ass. Prof. Nina Hoel Prof. Stig Frøyshov 
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Prof. Frode Stordal Prof. Kristin Braa
Faculty of Social Sciences Prof. Kristian Stokke Prof. Halvor Mehlum
Faculty of Dentistry Prof. Ståle Petter Lyngstadaas Prof. Zlatko Dembic
Faculty of Educational Sciences Prof. Lene Buchert Senior Lecturer Torgeir Onstad
Museums Prof. Brita Stedje Ass. Prof. Geir Søli
Centres Ass. Prof. Mariel Aguilar Støen Director Einar Vannebo
Student Jor Hjulstad Tvedt Karen Contreras Lisperguer


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