Hiring guest lecturers

If you would like to use a guest lecturer contact the Financial Officers, Harald B. Magnussen (haralbm@iss.uio.no) Martine Gundersen (martine.gundersen@iss.uio.nobefore you make any arrangements.

​Before hiring guest lecturers please read the information below carefully. The procedures outlined below have to be followed to ensure that we are able to pay a honorarium to the guest lectures invited to the ISS. When a course has a guest lecturer, the course leader will be credited with a presence honorarium. This is hours with a lower wage rate than normal lectures, meant to cover the duty of being present when the guest lecture takes place.


Bachelor level courses

The bachelor courses do not have a separate allotted budget for “presence hours”. There is, however a collectively allotted budget for all the courses. Course leaders will be able to get funds from this budget by submitting a request to the financial officer. The Budget is limited and therefore the request for funds must be done in advance, before guest lecturers are hired. The following procedure must be followed in order to be able to hire guest lectures:

  1. Contact the Financial Officer with a request for a given number of guest lecture hours.
  2. When approval is given, you can hire guest lecturers within the allotted budget hours.
  3. A complete list of guest lecturers and their number of lecture hours must be submitted to the ISS by June 1.

Master level courses

  1. Before hiring a guest lecturer, the course leader is responsible for checking that there are sufficient funds in the course budget to hire an external lecturer.
  2. If you would like to use a guest lecturer contact the Financial Officer) before you make any arrangements. She will set up an appropriate honorarium method for the lecturer.
  • Method 1: Salary
    For external lecturers receiving their honorarium as a salary completion of a payment form is sufficient. The course leader is responsible for handing out the payment forms to all lecturers engaged in her/his course, and for signing and returning the completed forms to the ISS Office immediately after the lecture has been given. All payments will be made based on this form and the form functions as a service contract. The course leader is obliged to check that the information provided by the guest lecturer is correct.
  • Method 2: UiO employees 
    The University of Oslo has strict rules about financial reimbursements of full-time or part-time UiO employees outside of the regular academic year.
  • Method 3:Self-employed external guest lecturers
    All self-employed guest lectures must be hired through the UiO Purchase Management system (PM). 
    External lectures see Payment (below).
  1. A complete list of guest lecturers and their number of lecture hours must be submitted to the ISS by June 1.


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