For employees at the International Summer School (ISS)

Important dates and meetings

  • Planning to take your class on an excursion? Notify us by June 6 by sending an email to
  • Join us for an introduction to UiO's digital exam portal Inspera on June 26 14:00, at PC-lab 1250 in Kristine Bonnevies hus
  • Join us for the opening ceremony at the University Aula on the evening of June 26

Service functions

Student Handbook

All-year staff

  • NORA-teachers
  • NORIR-teachers
  • Administration


Who does what?


21 June
22 June
10:00 AM, Lobby of Georg Morgenstiernes hus
22 June
11:00 AM, Sophus Lies Auditorium
23 June
24 June
9:00 AM, ISS Office, Georg Morgenstiernes hus
24 June
7:00 PM, University Aula, Domus Media