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About dScience

The University of Oslo performs high impact research and education in computational science and data science.

dScience – Centre for Computational and Data Science – at the University of Oslo (UiO) is an interdisciplinary centre developing and supporting research within computational science and data science across UiO and together with partners in industry and public sector.

In addition to hosting research programs and projects, dScience develops mechanisms collecting, managing and sharing high-quality data for academic and business development purposes in Norway and internationally. dScience focuses on basic, long-term research, creates collaboration across disciplines and sectors, offers community services and contributes to the education and supervision of students. 

The centre was established 1 January 2021 with premises at campus Blindern with Professor Morten Dæhlen as centre leader. The centre is a part of The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, but includes activities from other faculties and museums at the University of Oslo.