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One of dScience's most important tasks is to ensure collaboration and meeting places across units and different sectors in Norway and internationally.

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06 Oct.
11:30 AM, dScience Lounge Area
19 Oct.
5:00 PM, The Science Library and Sophus Lie's auditorium
20 Oct.
11:30 AM, dScience Lounge Area
24 Oct.

Networks dScience is a part of

Oslo Science City

Placed at the center of Oslo Science City, dScience will contribute to developing a vibrant area with room for businesses and strong ecosystems for innovation in Norway's most knowledge-intensive area.


dScience works closely together with NORA – a national network for research and education in artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.

The Guild

The University of Oslo is a member of The Guild – a network consisting of 20 research-intensive universities in Europe. dScience will be an active partner in this network.

“The Penal”

Strategically located in “The Penal” on Blindern with entrance from Georg Morgenstiernes House, the first co-working space opened over summer 2021. The secretariat of NORA and DLN is located with dScience in “The Penal”.

Oslo Science Park

dScience is planning a second co-working space in Oslo Science Park together with partners as StartupLab and their DataScience Lab, the administration of Oslo Science City and UiO:Energy, and the new innovation - Life Science Growth House - at the University of Oslo. The Oslo Science Park is also a venue of many of our meetings and events.