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dScience Lunch Seminar: BigInsight

As part of the series "What goes on in data science at UiO", Co-Director Ingrid Glad will explain what BigInsight, center for research-based innovation, is doing.

Photo: Colourbox

Photo: Colourbox

BigInsight involves researchers at UiO and the Norwegian Computing Center, and produces innovative solutions for key data-driven challenges facing a consortium of private, public and research partners, by developing original statistical and machine learning methodologies.

Co-Director of BigInsight, Ingrid Glad, is also professor of statistics at the Department of Mathematics, UiO. She develops statistical and machine learning methodology motivated by problems originating the life sciences and other data intensive disciplines. Ingrid is particularly occupied with high-dimensional regression and statistical and machine learning methods for large data, such as methods for detecting anomalies and changes in high-dimensional data streams. She has also worked with nonparametric curve estimation, hierarchical modeling and Bayesian inference. Her work is typically applied to data from genomics/molecular biology, and to sensor data strams from for example maritime industry.


11:30 – Doors open and lunch is served

12:00 – "BigInsight - from Data to Insight" by Ingrid Glad (Co-Director)

This event is open for all PhD candidates and postdocs. No registration needed.

About the seminar series

Once a month, dScience will invite you to join us for lunch, soft drinks and professional talks at the Science Library. In addition to these, we will serve lunch to PhD candidates in our lounge in Kristine Bonnevies hus every Thursday. Due to limited space (40 people), this will be first come, first served. See how to find us here (download).

Our lounge can also be booked by PhDs and Postdocs on a regular basis, whether it is for a meeting or just to hang out – we have fresh coffee all day long! Read more about the seminar series here.


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