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dScience Lunch Seminar: Borgan, Scheel & Kvamme

Welcome to our dScience lunch seminar in the Science Library! This event is open to everyone.

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Time-to-event is the part of survival analysis that is concerned with predicting the time to a future event. Such events can for instance be the default on a loan, death from a disease, unsubscribing from a service like Spotify, or failure of a pump. In this talk, we will talk about how one might improve the predicative abilities of existing statistical methodology with the use of machine learning.


11:45 – Doors open and lunch is served

12:15 – "Time-to-event prediction with neural networks" by Ørnulf Borgan (Professor Emeritus, Statistics and Data Science, UiO), Ida Scheel (Associate Professor, Statistics and Data Science, UiO) and Håvard Kvamme (Data Scientist, Abelee)

13:00 – Mingling (and goodbye)

To participate, please fill out the registration form by May 18. This way, we will not be short on food and drinks! (Registration is not binding and you are welcome to join us anyway!)

Register here (opens in May)

About the seminar series

Once a month, dScience will invite you to join us for lunch, soft drinks and professional talks at the Science Library. In addition to these, we will serve lunch to PhD candidates in our lounge in Kristine Bonnevies hus every Thursday. Due to limited space (40 people), this will be first come, first served. See how to find us here (download).

Our lounge can also be booked by PhDs and Postdocs on a regular basis, whether it is for a meeting or just to hang out – we have fresh coffee all day long! Read more about the series and the upcoming program here.

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