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Contact points for correcting telephone information for employees

Is the number shown on the display of your office phone wrong?

Contact the telephone service.

Are you moving to a different work place and keeping the same phone number?

Take your telephone with you and connect it at the new work place. The phone number will remain the same and there is no need for any registration.

Does your person presentation on the UiO website lack or show a wrong number for your office phone or your mobile phone?

  1. Register the correct numbers in the HR portal. The updates will show on your person presentation the following day.
  2. If your person presentation still shows incorrect numbers the following day, this may be due to two different conditions:
    1. Your person presentation is overridden, ie, does not retrieve the phone numbers from UiO's payroll and personal system SAP, but is manually entered. Ask your local web editor (Norwegian) to remove any override of the listing on your personal presentation. Correct numbers will be visible immediately.
    2. The job number that you have registered in the HR portal does not match the number registered in UiO's telephone system. Contact the telephone service (Norwegian) for clarification.