Ten Years of Protecting Academic Freedom - What will the Future Bring?

Scholars at Risk - Norway Section will mark its 10 years anniversary by discussing how its member institutions and society at large can strengthen academic freedom in the the time to come, by also learning from past experiences.

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Registration deadline extended to 19.9

We plan for a physical live event in Oslo, which will also be available on zoom for registered online participants.

If you want to ask questions to the panels, go to sli.do and use the pass code #036519 for the event.



Welcome and introductions

  • Rector Sunniva Whittaker, University of Agder, 
  • Rector Svein Stølen, University of Oslo
  • State Secretary Therese Eia Lerøen, Ministry of Education and Research
12:25-12:35 Music by Marthe Valle
12:35-13:15 Keynote: Academic freedom and democracy: Threats and prospects
Prof. Michael Ignatieff, former Rector and President, Central European University

Academic freedom in Europe and beyond

Moderator: Dr. Liv Tønnesen, Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)

  • Prof. Michael Ignatieff, former Rector and President, Central European University
  • Prof. Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen, University of Copenhagen
  • Turkish scholar at risk hosted in Norway
13:45-14:15 Coffee/tea break
14:15-14:20 Music by Marthe Valle
14:20-14:40 Students as human rights defenders
  • Prof. Peris Jones, The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, University of Oslo
  • Marium Mahzabin, Student, University of Oslo
  • Hector Ulloa, President, SAIH
14:40-14:50 Greeting from Scholars at Risk Europe - Current Challenges
Sinead O'Gorman, Director of Scholars at Risk-Europe
14:50-15:00 Greetings from SAR scholars hosted in Norway, (film)

How can we protect academic freedom, and whose responsibility is it? 
Panel discussion

Moderator: Prof. Elisabeth Staksrud, Chair of the SAR committee at the University of Oslo

  • President Hector Ulloa, SAIH
  • Member of parliament Nina Sandberg, the Norwegian Labour Party's spokesperson for higher education and research
  • Leader Guro Lind, The Norwegian Association of Researchers
  • Pro-rector Åse Gornitzka, University of Oslo
  • Rector Sunniva Whittaker, University of Agder

What does the future of SAR Norway look like?
Karen-Lise Knudsen, Chair of SAR Norway, University of Agder


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