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Function description for Floor Contact

The Floor Contact shall serve as support for the manager and contribute to the undertaking’s fire-prevention and fire-fighting tasks. The Floor Contact reports to their Manager and reports non-conformities to the Speak up portal. Local additional tasks should be clarified with the Unit for HSE and Emergency Preparedness.

Responsibilities and roles

The tasks delegated to the local Floor Contact must be agreed between the manager and the local Floor Contact. Different units have different special characteristics and needs that will determine the tasks that will be relevant.

The Floor Contact shall have knowledge and an understanding of the fire safety and organisational factors in the object, as well as the fire brigade’s emergency response options. The Floor Contact assist evacuation in the event of a fire alarm/fire.


The local Floor Contact shall have the necessary expertise to be able to perform their tasks with particular knowledge of applicable fire safety management documents. Necessary expertise can be obtained from training programmes prepared by the Unit for HSE and Emergency Preparedness.

Main tasks

  • Assist the manager in performing the systematic fire prevention work.
  • Report to and keep manager regularly informed of significant issues affecting systematic fire prevention work.
  • Assist the manager with adaptation of fire instructions when needed. Examples include persons with disabilities or other local risk conditions.
  • Assist the manager with the implementation and documentation of fire prevention training and fire drills.
  • Participate in evaluation after fire drills.
  • Carry out regular fire prevention rounds and report non-conformities in the Speak up portal.
  • Put on fire vest when fire alarm sounds and initiate the evacuation of the building. Check the area as far as justifiable. Personal safety has priority. Help people move away from entrances, as well as report important information to fire crews and the Estate Department.
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