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Oslo is, in a word, compact. Here you will find everything you need within easy reach. But we do have a lot of room. Not only physical space for growth, but room for new ideas, for study, for innovation, for entrepreneurship. Being small, we also have short distances – from urban centres to quiet forests, from ski slopes to the waterfront, from the place you work to the place you live.

Modern urban living

Oslo is another type of capital than many others you find in Europe. Oslo does not rest on a colonial legacy, and 30 years ago you might say Oslo was a village (internationally speaking) – not a big city. We are building our distinctive metropolitan character as we speak. In the last 30 years, Oslo has grown by more than 200.000 inhabitants, without sacrificing cropland or forest. The population growth has not made the city worse, quite the contrary, the city has improved in almost every area: better air quality, better schools, better transport and a more active city life.

Architecturally, Barcode, Tjuvholmen, the Opera house, Astrup Fearnly museum, the coming Munch museum and the Deichmanske Library all give us a new urban expression. Michelin star restaurants, food trucks, co-working spaces, world class coffee, international retail, and walking distances between nature and concrete all give Oslo a unique urban quality.

Short distances

Oslo is a compact city, the whole region is. Total commuting time is one of the lowest among competitive world cities, and this enables inhabitants to have a high quality of life.

Oslo has short distances. Between concrete and nature (after work, you can go sailing, snowboarding or hiking in no time – and public transport will take you there). Between family and career (you can have both). Between live performances (5.000 of them). Between people and power. Norway is an egalitarian society with flat hierarchies, and you are only a tweet away from power.

Oslo’s compactness is a unique quality, and we aim to make Oslo the world´s favourite compact city.

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